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9 reports about 800-346-0775

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Marcel 12th Sep, 2011+0
These people call me 3 times a day and when i try to call them back its always busy
melody eledge 11th Sep, 2011+0
Caller keeps calling my employment claiming to be from the Federal Investiagion Authority but will not give me information who the debt is for and they will not send me the information in the mail. The lady that called today called 8 times as i repeatedly told her not to contact me at work call me at home. She continued to call and had began yelling at me because I wouldn't talk with her. Duh im at work..
maryb 31st Aug, 2011+0
I have received SEVERAL calls from this number. When I answer, no one speaks to me I just hear foreign people speaking in the background. They seem to not hear me because I have yelled into the phone & used other loud noises, but get absolutely no response. When i call the number back it tells me i need to input an access code for their service. How do I get rid of this nuisance???
munchkin 29th Aug, 2011+0
When I ordered an "as seen on TV" product, I had many additional offers before I could hang up. Once I received the product, I got a follow up call "for being a loyal customer we now can offer you ...." VERY annoying, and bordering harassment.
serina 27th Aug, 2011+0
machine picked up, caller hung up immediately.
soy 16th Aug, 2011+0
Keeps calling my work cell phone. I do not answer, no message is ever left.
GOMEZ 3rd Aug, 2011+0
At 12:40 am I recieved a call with no responce (hang up?). The duration was 5 seconds , I am trying to locate information on the caller. Thanks you
roc 2nd Aug, 2011+0
I have answered calls from this caller and said hello about ten times before the call was disconnected. The thing that is creeping me out is that the person is calling both my cell phone and my home phone. Now it is really bothering me.
humpy dumpy 28th Jul, 2011+0
can anybody find this asshole

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